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Do you want to buy some great new things and do something good at the same time? Then Smiledrive is perfect for you! This socially aware company offers you a chance to shop without having to have a guilty conscience. We’ve all heard of worker exploitation and yet we buy the cheapest or prettiest products without really thinking about where they came from. If we do have a pang of guilt from time to time we ignore it and keep buying whatever looks best. Well, no more! Smiledrive offers you products that will make you and other people happy at the same time. Shopping is great, but it will be even better when you feel like you are doing something good at the same time! Who doesn’t want to help people by buying awesome things for themselves? This is a simple solution to a complicated problem. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution!

Feel great and buy cool stuff
At Smiledrive, you get the opportunity to do great things. Smiledrive has a wide variety of products that will bring a smile to your face – and someone else’s. Do you have a birthday coming up? Why not treat someone to some cool technological gadgets like high-functioning bluetooth portable speakers, a hip flask or an armsnuggle pillow boyfriend? Are you one of those people who turn over and hit snooze thirty times every morning before they actually get up? Then you should definitely check out Smiledrive’s unique laser target alarm clock! We all know this problem: we want to take a cool selfie, but it’s really hard when you have to hold the camera, adjust the angle and try to look good, all at the same time. Take a look at Smiledrive’s monopod or their handsfree bluetooth mobile camera and horrible selifes are history! Planning a party soon? Why not spice it up a little with a drunken tower jenga game, a roulette drinking game, or a casino-sized poker chip game set? If you have an iPhone and you have a bad history with mobile phones and water, you should check out the waterproof iPhone case on Smiledrive. Water isn’t your problem, but you’re a smoker and you keep forgetting a lighter? Well, there’s a brilliant solution: iPhone cases with an integrated lighter! Smiledrive offers you many cool things, so make sure to stop by their website to explore them!

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