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Flat 15% OFF on your next flowers order at Ferns N Petals on June 2024

Take advantage of a FernsNPetals Coupon for your next shopping at FernsNPetals. Current discounts and coupon codes are published and provided by us for free. Find a wide range of products from categories like Cakes and Flowers at FernsNPetals. Be inspired by the huge diversity the online-stores offers and also do not forget the possibility of a voucher.

Ferns N Petals Coupon Code – new customer / existing customer

Coupon Code Value Minimum order value Valid until
15% OFF HSBC 31.03.2020
15% OFF for American Express Users 31.03.2020
18% OFF ₹ 999 (HDFC) 31.03.2020
20% OFF ₹ 1,000 (ICICI) 31.03.2020
₹ 100 on Delicious Cakes 31.03.2020
₹ 125 on Birthday Cakes 31.03.2020
12% OFF on Roses 31.03.2020
15% OFF for Kotak Users 31.03.2020
₹ 150 on Fondant Designer Cakes 31.03.2020
₹ 100 on all Flowering plants 31.03.2020
15% OFF on Lucky Bamboo collection 31.03.2020
₹ 400 on all Barbie cakes 31.03.2020
₹ 500 ₹ 2,500 31.03.2020
15% OFF ₹ 999 31.03.2020
₹ 50 on Lucky Bamboo 31.03.2020
10% OFF on Anniversary gifts 31.03.2020
10% OFF on Birthday gifts 31.03.2020
18% OFF ₹ 999 (Kotak) 31.03.2020
15% OFF for RBL Users 31.03.2020
15% OFF for ICICI Users 31.03.2020
15% OFF for HDFC Users 31.03.2020
15% OFF ₹ 399 + on Chocolates 29.02.2020
12% OFF on Birthday Gifts 29.02.2020
12% OFF on Anniversary Gifts 29.02.2020
10% OFF on Plant 29.02.2020
₹ 200 ₹ 1,550 29.02.2020
₹ 50 on Plants Category 29.02.2020
15% OFF ₹ 199 + on personalized gifts 29.02.2020
₹ 100 ₹ 799 29.02.2020
10% OFF on gifts 29.02.2020
18% OFF ₹ 500 until cancelled
15% OFF ₹ 0 until cancelled
15% OFF ₹ 0 until cancelled

Information about FernsNPetals.com

Ever so often, people do not have the capability and option to congratulate their loved ones – relatives, wifes, husbands, friends – on their big anniversaries, an important day in their life or sometimes even on a bereavement because of the physical distance. Therefore, Vikaas Gutgutia founded in 1994 the first Ferns N Petals store in Delhi: to make people connect and to help people to express their deepest emotions. Now, the brand boasts of 141 outlets in 50 cities nationwide and delivers across 150 countries worldwide. Ferns N Petals enables you to get your loved one the gift they deserve on their very important day, even if you are not able to be around. The brand now comprises e-commerce, weddings, big events as well as retail commerce. Ferns N Petal can be your one stop shop your all of your floral needs, whether flowers for occasions, floral décor for weddings, parties or just fresh flowers you yourself.

Flowers anywhere, anytime and online
Flowers are the most beautiful and charming way to tell somebody Thank you, I love you or I am Sorry. There is nothing more wonderful than fresh and nice-smelling blossoms. With Ferns N Petals you can now send flowers to everyone you love: for their birthday, an anniversary, Mother´s Day, a wedding or for condolences. Choose between numerous different flower types and boquets as well as other gifts like chocolate, cakes or home and carden gifts. You are set no limits. With the clear and structured category system you can easily find what you are looking for by giving explicit details and information about the searched product. With the extra quick delivery you can even order flowers for the next day! Do not miss any anniversaries or occasions anymore, because with Ferns N Petals you can now get the most amazing and beautiful gifts your loved ones.

A new way to save your money: the Ferns N Petals coupon codes
Seize your chance of saving a lof of ready cash, now! The Ferns N Petals coupon codes enable you to activate a coupon code at the end of your ordering process at the online portal that ensures you great discounts and new deals. Sounds complicated? It isn´t at all! Simply copy one of the Ferns N Petals coupons that you can find in a list below. Then, you only have to insert it into the therefore created free space at the online flower shop. Save a great amount of money by using these extraordinary coupon codes!

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free shipping

» How long does the delivery take?

depends on your product and wish

» What payment methods are there?

  • PayPal
  • Creditcard
  • Debit card
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