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Information about Zoonga.com

How often does one experience the situation when there is a major event in your city – a concert, a sports event or a charity event – and one cannot find out where to buy the tickets. Therefore, Zoonga was launched in early 2007, in order to be India´s first entertainment and sports ticketing company. If you are looking for tickets for a specific event, you can simply consult Zoonga and get all the information you get as well as your ticket. The e-commerce company offers its consumers easy access to every ticketed entertainment or sports events while simultaneously offering you various payment options. Zoonga´s highest goal is to enhance your personal purchase experience while democratizing access to world-class events and online shopping in order for you to have your ticket to life.

Find tickets to the world´s best events online at Zoonga
The young company´s partners include India´s leading cricket and sports franchises as well as concert promoters and event organizers. At Zoonga you can easily shop by choosing several departments. Select either the music-, the sports-, the cricket-, the movies-, the books-, the accessories-, the souvenirs- or the Team Merchandise-Department in order to find the ticket to your personal favourite events. On the other hand, you can also inform yourself at Zoonga about today´s latest events and shows. For instance, you can take part in one of the Life Events, such as the Live Concert by Parween Sultana or the Tarantino Film Festival. Zoonga enables you to get access to the most privileged and exclusive world events.

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Certain events can cost you a lot of money. Nonetheless, sometimes one just cannot give in and simply has to attend it. Maybe if your favourite sports team is having a match or your favourite singer is giving a concert. There are plenty occasions to enhance your daily life with shows and events. In order to give you the possibility to attend all these events, the ticketing portal provides you now with coupon codes! The Zoonga coupons activate great deals and discounts on the ticketing portal and thereby give you the possibility of saving plenty of ready cash while booking your tickets. Simply copy one of the below listed coupon codes and name it during your booking process at Zoonga. This way you will get high discounts on your ultimate bill and be able to afford more tickets and lifetime experiences.

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