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Do you love Indian cuisine, but you don’t always have hours to prepare your favorite food? Would you like to share the cultural and savory richness of your country’s special brand of food with your friends and family, but between your job and your family you just don’t have the energy to stand in the kitchen for the better part of the day? Then Kitchens of India has great news for you! An ITC endeavour, Kitchens of India delivers delicious Indian food that is packaged in “keep fresh” packs, so that you can have all the benefits of a delicious and nutritious Indian meal at home without having to prepare it yourself. Passed down from generation to generation by the royal cooks of the Maharaja’s, these recipes have been safeguarded for a long time. The recipes have then been further improved by the ITC chefs, who live and breathe for Indian food. Kitchens of India aims to provide you with a phenomenal experience for your taste buds, so you can enjoy what has taken years and years to perfect!

Delicious food and no work at all!
Kitchens of India offers you a variety of products that will make your mouth water as soon as you hear their name. If you are a fan of curries – and who isn’t – you will surely enjoy the spicy and rich Dal Bukhara with its black lentils in tomato gravy or a good Mirch Ka Salan, made from succulent whole chillies, cooked in thick gravy of roasted peanuts, almonds and sesame seeds. Not enough for you? How about some Paneer Dabari, soft cubes of fresh and juicy cottage cheese in a tasty tomato gravy, or some Mughlai Paneer or Paneer Malai? Cheese not for you? No problem, just try the Chicken Chettinad, chunks of tender chicken in a dark and spicy paste of curry leaves and freshly ground pepper – is there anything better than that? Surely not, unless you’re talking about the Chicken Darbari or Malabari Chicken Stew. You can of course also get Masala mixes or desserts. Something else you should take a look at are the delicious conserves Kitchens of India offers: you can get everything from Pineapple and Green Pepper conserve over Strawberry and Mint and Apple Cinnamon to Mango Saffron Conserve. There are so many tasty options at Kitchens of India, that you will be able to dine like those mythical figures from the past for the next few years. Enjoy their beautifully designed website and get yourself some of those delicious meals!

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