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Coupon Code Value Minimum order value Valid until
Get 4 PC Strips buy 4PC Hot & Crispy 31.12.2019
40% OFF buy 4 Hot & Crispy, 6 Hot Wings, 6 Boneless Strips, 1 Pepsi Pet and 2 Dips 31.12.2019
50% OFF on Fiery Grilled Bucket (every Friday) until cancelled

Information about KFC.co.in

With over two hundred restaurants all over India and many more to come, it’s no secret Kentucky Fried Chicken is a smashing success in India and everywhere else. If you haven’t tasted their delicious products yet, it’s high time you take a few minutes and do so. Of course you can’t eat fast food all the time, but Kentucky Fried Chicken is more than that. Who doesn’t want food that is there almost as soon as you order it, but still retains fresh and savoury qualities other fast food chains can only dream of? How often are you hungry, but there’s just not enough time to cook something? Maybe you just have a quick break during a stressful work day, or your family has been all over the place and you don’t have the nerves to spend hours cooking something that will be gone in five minutes? Whatever the case, if you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to eat something fresh and delicious, just come to your closest KFC restaurant! Here you will have all the benefits of good food without all the stress that comes with preparing it. And all of this at a price that is genuinely unbeatable.

Cross chicken and tasty desserts
Of course Kentucky Fried Chicken is best known for its delicious chicken in many forms, but they offer much more than that. Their chicken products come as Hot Wings, Popcorn Chicken, Boneless Strips and as spicy, crunchy, juicy chicken wings in a bucket to share, as well as fiery grilled or with several different tasty dips. They also have burgers with crispy chicken filet or – for the vegetarians among us – paneer and vegetable pattys with creamy sauces and fresh lettuce and buns. The grilled wraps follow a similar pattern, with delicious chicken wraps and great vegetarian wraps with crispy veggies and crunchy onions wrapped in a warm toasted tortilla. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? But there’s even more! If you want a complete meal in a bowl, you absolutely have to try the Rice Bowlz. That’s KFCs exotic rice, flavourful gravy and a topping of either chicken popcorn or vegtable strips for you. You can of course also get boxed meals or, if you’re there with a group of friends or family, group meals. If you’ve still got some space for dessert after all of that, KFC offers you a variety of delicious desserts: Brownie Sundae, Kream Ball Strawberry, Kream Ball Mango and Kream Ball chocolate, as well as vanilla ice cream in a cone.

Eat better and cheaper with KFC coupon codes
Food is a daily need, therefore KFC offers you coupon codes, so you can enjoy their delicious food more often. Simply follow the link below, copy the KFC coupon codes and then use them to buy some food that will make your mouth water before it’s even there. Enjoy your meal!

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