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Upto 60% OFF Coupon Code for Zohraa on December 2019

At Zohraa you can find interesting products from categories like Lingerie and Sarees. Take also a current coupon code on your next purchase at Zohraa. No matter if you are a new or an existing customer for Zohraa you can find at regular intervals coupons. All discounts are of course 100% free of charge.

Zohraa Coupon Code – new customer / existing customer

Coupon Code Value Minimum order value Valid until
60% OFF on third 31.12.2015
30% OFF on second 31.12.2015
free product on fourth 31.12.2015
10% OFF any product 31.12.2015
5% OFF Coupon Code Sign up for newsletter for free until cancelled

Information about Zohraa.com

Fashion itself comes, as we know, in many different looks and layers. It can be used to express oneself, to set a social status, or to help us slipping into a certain role for a certain purpose, like business or festive. And yet, we know that fashion can be much more than that, don’t we? We just need to take a look at traditional clothing – there is a whole nation and its identity hidden behind it. All of the history, the culture and tradition are still visible, even though they’re in the past, when we wear traditional clothing. Zohraa.com is an online store that is aware of exactly this aspect – and tries to spread the thought, trying to preserve Indian history and culture through traditional, royal wardrobe.

Beautiful, traditional wardrobe for the modern woman at Zohraa.com
Doesn’t the idea of wearing a piece of your own country’s tradition sound beautiful? To understand the thought behind the royal wardrobe and its meaning for Indian culture, Zohraa offers their customers a short overview of Indian history. From the early days of royal ruling to colonization – you will find that the Royal’s influence is almost everywhere and at every time visible. For their country, their whole lifestyle and way of living were something to look up to, an ever-present element in everybody’s life. It is the royal tradition and the royal fashion that is seen as the maximum of elegance and luxury, of good taste. And it is exactly this feeling of elegance that Zohraa wants to give to everybody. Zohraa offers a wide range of different kinds of royal wardrobe – from sarees and salwar to kameez or kurtis; besides that, Zohraa also offers western clothing, like lingerie, dresses or clubwear. If you want to take a look at the shop, you will find that you can browse the products by categories of style, but that you can also look exclusively for items that are already ready to ship, for new arrivals or for the top picked ones. No matter what you are looking for – Zohraa is there to help you find your very own perfect, elegant piece of tradition and culture!

Saving money by using Zohraa coupon codes!
Are you ready to go shopping and choose something beautiful from Zohraa.com’s online shop? Then why not use the chance and save some money as well? Just do your shopping as usual – browse through the categories and choose whatever you like, and take your time. Then, when you’re done, all you have to do is copy the Zohraa coupons from the link below and paste it during your checkout process. Enjoy your stay at Zohraa.com, and save some money with coupon codes!

» Shipping costs

₹ 50

free delivery for orders above ₹ 1,000

» Shipping period

within 3 to 4 business days

» Payments

  • cash on Delivery
  • netbanking
  • Creditcard
  • Debit card
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