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500 bid points free at on November 2019

At Jeetle you can find interesting products from categories like Electronics, Kitchen Appliances and Mobiles. Take also a current coupon code on your next purchase at Jeetle. No matter if you are a new or an existing customer for Jeetle you can find at regular intervals coupons. All discounts are of course 100% free of charge.

Jeetle Coupon Code – new customer / existing customer

Coupon Code Value Minimum order value Valid until
300 bid points ₹ 0 until cancelled
500 bid points free ₹ 300 until cancelled

Information about

Are you bored of constantly finding the same online shops? Are you longing to try out something new? Would you like to combine your shopping trip with fun? Then check out Jeetle which is an exciting reverse auction service offered by J9 Ventures where the products available on auction will be sold to the bidder who submits the lowest unique bid. In order to get what you want on Jeetle, you must bid low and bid unique. No more boring shopping trips! The auction game at Jeetle will make you have more fun while shopping and moreover, get you more excited about the products you will buy.

Try out to shop with the auction game service of Jeetle online
The procedure is quite easy and described in a detailed way at the online portal: register at Jeetle for free and buy bids in order to have a real money balance, the so called bid points, in your Jeetle account. Having done that you can actually start your shopping trip by searching the online portal for products you desire and find interesting. Once you have found such an article, you can place your bid. How to do that exactly is all described at Jeetle for the purpose of making the customer´s auction game easier and more satisfying. One of the company´s many main goals is to offer you a personal, user friendly and consumer insight driven service. Therefore, the auction portal´s big motto is that customers always come first. Jeetle always tries to challenge and extend their limits as well as get results. Find multiple products to bid on at Jeetle, such as automobiles, cameras, computers, electronics and home appliances, games, jewellery and watches, mobiles, television and music systems as well as travel articles, apparels and much more.

Save even more on your ultimate price and use the Jeetle coupon codes
Not only are you free to bid as low as you want to, but you also have the possibility of using one of the latest Jeetle coupons. These coupons are listed below this text and enable you to activate the coupon codes in order to save a lot of ready cash. By copying and then naming one of the Jeetle coupon codes, you get huge deals and free bids. Try out something new and experience a completely different shopping trip with Jeetle and the coupon codes!

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